At Schnayderman’s, we create collections for the Weird and the Wonderful.

Our thoughtful designs envisions a world where the Weird and the Wonderful are not only necessary, but celebrated.

It is the Weird and the Wonderful who drive things forward with new ideas for how to consider not only the world, but ourselves.

You decide who you are, and nowhere else is this more fitting than among the Weird and the Wonderful. They question the norm, simply by being themselves.

We are all about collaboration, simply put – one cannot win alone.

That is why our inspired designs recycle human collaborative values such as kindness, truth and inclusion to dress the Weird and the Wonderful of the world.

With around 60 third party premium multi-brand stores in 14 countries, Schnay- derman’s is continuously growing, gathering a strong following inside as well as outside of Scandinavia.

We put a lot of effort into sourcing the best fabrics and trimmings for our products. We choose fabrics and trimmings that are pleasing to the eye as well as the hand.

Our mills are located in Italy and Portugal where we work mainly with natural fibers such as wools, cottons, linens and tencels.

All our buttons are hand made in the nothern Italian region of Veneto.

The knitwear is circular knitted in a small family owned factory outside of Milan, Italy. All our woven items are produced in the vicinity of Porto, Portugal.

We do our very best to bring our customers a product that they can carry for many years to come.